Ryan Reynolds vs. Ross Jeffries - Who’s The Best Green Lantern?

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Below is a picture of Ryan Reynold’s as “Green Lantern“, complete with a green costume and power ring…

To his right is Ross Jeffries as “Father Of Seduction“, complete with green v-neck t-shirt and some plastic toy rings from a gumball machine…

Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern

The hair… the nose… the abs…

The similarities are endless, aren’t they?

Surprisingly, the Green Lantern ring can be used to create “mental earplugs to block out telepathic communication and manipulation”…

Sounds like it’s the kryptonite to Ross’s NLP-laced Speed Seduction teachings…

Anyways, congrats to Ryan for landing the Green Lantern role (and Deadpool for that matter)…

But can Ryan Reynold’s land a (supposedly) hot 19-year old Swedish girl like Ross?

Wait… that’s right… he’s only married to Scarlett Johansson…

Sorry Ross, I guess it’s back to reading comic books and quoting Sandman for you!

Maybe go start on Speed Seduction 4.0 or something :-)

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  • Ross Jeffries
    November 30th, 2010 at 9:16 pm

    Ha ha,

    1. The rings are not plastic. The GL ring is 18 kt gold, custom made. The other ring is a star sapphire-any GL fan would get the reference.

    2. Scarlett is lovely, but she’s Danish(like my current GF), not Swedish.

    3. Many’s the time I witnessed folks telling my Swedish girl that she looked just like Scarlett(or Jessica Biehl).

    Cheers and see you at the movies!


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