Samantha Brett thinks single men have an easier shot at getting laid

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samantha brettSamantha Brett is a twenty-something ’sex, relationship and dating expert’ from Australia. In almost every picture she has her index finger poking into her cheek which annoys me almost as much as her articles.

Here is one such article: Why single men have an easier shot at getting laid.

What a sensation attention grabbing title. What a bunch of bullshit.

The article jumps all over the place like Q-bert. It is very incongruent and when I got done reading it I was left scratching my head.

I think ultimately she is trying to imply that men have an advantage because it is more socially acceptable for them to approach women. She seems to conclude the article with the suggestion that women should overcome societal stigma and start approaching men.

But the obvious truth is that the majority of women do not need to approach guys. Guys come to them. Guys need to learn the art of approaching.

Just think about how common it is for a girl to chill with her friends at a club and have a flood of guys approach her as she selectively blows off dozens of them to finally chose the one “quality” guy that approaches her who she deems worthy.

I think that is why reality shows where a man gets to choose from a large group of women are more popular than a woman choosing from a large group of men. The first scenario is pure fantasy and the other is everyday reality.

Basically it is a “man approach, man open, woman test, woman approve” world. It isn’t optimal for men but that’s just the way it is and I accept it as that. Men who are successful have adapted. The seduction community helps those who haven’t.

I’m not going to whine that women don’t approach me and in return I don’t want to hear women whine about how hard it is for them to get laid.

Fair trade?

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  • Lucky Charms
    April 28th, 2008 at 11:12 pm

    Yo mack, it’s your boy LC. It’s been awhile but I’ve been in field quite a bit watching and laughing. I’ve always been aware of everything going on around me even as a kid and I think I would be one of the first machines from the terminator to become self aware. I like studying people, some of which has no doubt led me to this community. I saw what has to be the worst or funniest AMOG move over the weekend. I was working this cutie at a bar and things were going very well except like every couple minutes this idiot kept coming in and trying to block me with his body. So every time he left I kept working and stacking and back he came again(obviously worried). It got to the point where he came in and got right in her face and literally was laying on her back to stop my progress. Later I found out that she was actually with him and when she got up to leave she slipped her number to me. I just thought it was funny to see the extent some men will go to to impede your progress. I would enjoy hearing one of your funny AMOG stories. Persistence pays off boys. Look out for the Lucky one.

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