Sarging Solo

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Sarging SoloEach month Love Systems puts out an audio product where a select group of their instructors gets together to give tips and advice about a certain dating related topic…

This month brings Vol. 41 and the topic is “Sarging Solo”. The instructors are Savoy and Prestige.

Covering how to go out by yourself and be successful sounds like a great topic!

You can listen to the first 10 minutes of it free by clicking here and scrolling down to it…

Otherwise here’s the description for it…

Going out with a group of friends or a wing is a great way to learn at an accelerated rate, but there are situations where you are going to be unable to do that. In these instances you can go out solo and take advantage of the increased flexibility of being on your own schedule. In this detailed interview, top Love Systems instructors Savoy and Prestige go over what you can do to turn sarging solo into an advantage. When going out alone, creating an atmosphere of social status is very important and Savoy and Prestige go over several ways you can do this using specific routines, techniques like short-setting the room, and recruiting an instant wingman for the night. Other topics covered include:

Additional areas of focus include:

* Day game vs. night game when sarging alone
* Explaining why you’re alone in a positive way
* Common obstacles when sarging solo
* How to get into state when sarging solo
* How to deal with approach anxiety when sarging solo

“Sometimes anonymity is your best friend with this because being able to go someplace where you don’t know anybody allows you to be whoever you want to be”
- Prestige

“Traveling is a built in excuse to be there by yourself”
- Savoy

If this sounds interesting to you, sample the first 10 minutes of it free by clicking here and scrolling down to it

Also, you can check out the new Love Systems Routines Manual Volume 2 by clicking here

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