Satisfy Your Ego by Manipulating the Ego of Others

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Does your ego keep you from succeeding with women? Does it prevent you from making friends?

Egocentrism is a real bitch. I can’t count how many times I’ve pissed on my own leg by letting my ego get the best of me.

guy-hitting-on-hot-girl-in-barEveryone is self-centered. Every man wants their ego stroked. But there’s a real shift as guys go from chump to champ.

They start off as the puppy dog. They constantly seek attention & approval. They want their head scratched and their belly rubbed by others. Their self-esteem is low and they need the attention of others to build it back up.

Unfortunately, this makes them very unattractive to women. To be their friend is a thankless job. These ‘chumps’ are demanding but offer little in return.

But as these guys improve their social skills and self-esteem, they turn from a follower to the leader. Their self-worth is high and they no longer need the approval of others.

This allows them to keep their eye on the prize. It allows them to use the egos of others for their advantage.

For example, I used to go to house parties and scope out the guys who knew the most women. Typically these guys were trapped in the “friend zone”. I’d talk to them and pump their ego.

“Damn bro, you know all the women! You must get laid all the time!”

They’d usually smile and eat it up. I’d get him to introduce me to his “female friends”. I’d typically stroke his ego one last time just before I left the party to go sleep with his hottest female friend.

“Bro, I’ve had enough. I know you’re gonna leave with all the hotties later so I’m just going to go & walk your friend home now.”

Unfortunately, dealing with women is not so straight-forward. Pumping their ego is a lot more convoluted and the subject for a future article. Subscribe to my free newsletter to get that info. But for now, remember to keep your eye on the prize - which is getting more intimate with her. Avoid talking or doing things that will throw a wrench in that goal.

Focus on that objective and leave your ego at the door. That will prevent you from pissing on your leg like a chump.

Hope this helps.

It’s casual,

Mack Tight

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