Savoy’s preview of The Tyra Banks Show Episode

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Love Systems has just released their Routines Manual Vol. 2

…and in June Savoy and Braddock will be appearing on The Tyra Banks Show.

Things are looking good for them!

I hit up Savoy again trying to squeeze out any pre-air dirt that I could get about the upcoming Tyra Show episode…

…and here’s the couple questions I got him to answer:

MACK: How did it go?

SAVOY: There’s a lot I can’t say – yet – because the deal
with the show (any talk show) is you can’t reveal very much
until it airs. But I can say that it was Braddock and myself
and they recorded us infield. There was a student who they
chose, also recorded off-stage, and then they brought us all
on stage to talk to Tyra about it all.

And then Tyra introduced us to some of her supermodel friends
and we partied off stage.

All true, I promise. Well, except for the last sentence.
All we got after the show was some paperwork and a trip back
to the airport.

MACK: What’s Tyra Banks like in person?

SAVOY: She was cool. I’ve heard stories, but I can only
talk about what I saw. She was professional the whole time,
even when she was putting us on the spot.

She does have a nice side. At one point she asked Braddock
“you’re a young good looking guy, why did you study Love Systems?”
So, during commercial I started teasing her… I was like
“what about me” and pretending my ego was crushed forever.
She thought I was serious and was explaining herself during
the next break until I could tell her I was just kidding around.

There you go…

I was also able to get some juicier dirt from him about last year’s Dr. Phil Show episode (Savoy calls someone “lying scumbags”) but you’ll have to subscribe to my mailing list to read that…

In retrospect, if I had known he had to be so mum about the details of the show I should have asked him about his new “Triad Model” that’s in Love Systems’ new Routines Manual Volume 2… click here to learn more about it

If anyone has or intends on getting a copy of it, make sure you let me know what you think of it.

Otherwise, check out the Love Systems site by clicking here

UPDATE: Watch the Tyra Banks Love Systems video here!

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