Scot McKay DESTROYS 6 Excuses Men Make For Not Being Successful With Women

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Here’s an article by him that destroys six popular excuses men make in regards to why they are not actively trying to become more successful with women…

Scot McKaySo how about it? Are you ready to put aside some of the excuses that have kept you from meeting women and having a wildly successful dating life? I realize that seems like a rhetorical question, but believe me-I talk to guys EVERY DAY who would appear to be MORE COMFORTABLE clinging to excuses than really SUCCEEDING with women. It’s true. But since you’re reading this article, I’m going to continue on the premise that you’re ready to truly go from GOOD to GREAT with women…as opposed to simply talking about it to assuage yourself. Fair enough? Right on.

With that, welcome to an objective discussion of what very well could be haunting YOU every single day in your journey to greatness with women. Here are a HALF-DOZEN that almost all of us face, along with a quick solution for making each respective one DISAPPEAR:

1) Not Good Looking Enough

As much as we’re told “looks don’t matter” to women, you’d think we’d get the message. But we don’t. Why is that?

Simply put, we as guys tend to default to an understanding of women’s thought processes as if they were dead similar to our own. As we’ve talked about before, the irony is that we go around thinking like this even as we say “women are impossible to understand”. Guys tend to “pre-value” women based on their physical appearance, therefore we assume that women do the same. But women indeed view the world differently.

Bottom line, you can look around you and see guys who would appear to have been buffeted repeatedly about the head and shoulders with an ugly stick–make that an ugly SHOVEL if you will–in the company of GREAT women. And those women adore them.

Overweight? Undertall? Bald? Same thing.

For sure, do the best with what you’ve got. Women appreciate that. But if you represent the “Big Four” to a woman , you REALLY CAN become the most debonair man she’s ever had the pleasure to behold (you can learn more about the “Big Four” by clicking here).

Your core masculinity, confidence, character and ability to inspire her confidence IS flat-out beautiful to her.

2) Not Rich Enough

Even in the face of cold hard facts, SO MANY guys continue to believe that “only rich guys get hot women”.

First of all, if the only reason you ARE getting a woman is because of your money, you’re IN FOR A TOUGH LIFE. Need I say more?

But again, look around. Plenty of guys who can’t rub two cents together have great women. In the immortal words of Allen Iverson, “It’s not about the money”.

In sports, whenever you hear that it REALLY IS “about the money”.

But this is a whole different “ball game”. Money can be a BY PRODUCT of AMBITION. Money also tends to demonstrate that you could POTENTIALLY provide SECURITY in providing for a woman.

But it’s the AMBITION ITSELF that tells women you have a plan…one that they can hitch their wagon to. And the REALITY of making a woman FEEL SAFE comes from YOUR CONFIDENCE and CHARACTER, not from your wallet. Really. High quality women are looking for YOU to represent security to them. Even if you DID have millions of dollars, that alone wouldn’t cut it for them. You become the “Big Four” man a woman craves, and all she’ll care about is living a great life with you holding her and telling her everything is going to be okay. And if she BELIEVES you when you tell her that, it really wasn’t the money.

3) I Don’t Have The Right Personality

Every person is unique. Like a diamond. This alone means that there can’t possibly be “The Personality Type” that attracts women.

If you think about it, the simple fact that WOMEN are all different means that each one is going to have unique tastes…just like you do. Yet, this doesn’t stop guys from thinking that women ALL want “life of the party” guys if they’re NOT that guy. Meanwhile, I hear from very outgoing guys who firmly believe they need to “tone it down” because women apparently want the “strong silent type”. What gives? Are we ALL the “wrong” type of guy?

Come on, man. That CAN’T be true.

And we ESPECIALLY can’t ALL be “wrong” for ALL women? Whoever you are, you’ll attract the women whose personality type you mesh with. That’s a good thing. So why stand in the way of it?

Stop pretending you need to do a 180 and deserve what you want instead-which is someone you’ll actually get along with. The MORE you fight your natural personality type, the LESS likely that is to happen.

4) Women Don’t Want To Be Bothered

Look what four decades of “feminization of manhood” has done to us. Just last week I was in a discussion with a woman who claimed that “human sexuality is limited to physical features…all the rest is socio-cultural”.

Femininity and masculinity were “relative” and “negotiable” to her. When I suggested that she not be too hard on the next guy who was only sexually attracted to her body parts, the conversation ended abruptly. Check it out gentlemen. THOSE WOMEN ARE THE MINORITY. The rest of them are still proud to be 100% woman…feminine through-and-through. And they WANT a man around. The question is simply whether you are going to MAN UP, realize that, and BRING IT. You are sexually attracted to women, as I’m sure you’ve already figured out.

NEWS FLASH: Women are usually sexually attracted to men. You’re not bothering them. Really. To think otherwise is to give in to faulty programming from a vocal minority. Either that, or it’s just a flimsy excuse. One or the other.

5) No Matter What, Women Just Don’t Like Me

You’ve been out with some women, and you’re not getting second dates. Meanwhile, your friends and family wonder why you’re single and don’t have a girlfriend.

Solution? You’ve been LEADING. Even on those disastrous first dates. Sure, you do just fine socially…until you’re in front of a woman you’re attracted to. Face it: it’s YOU who is different in those situations. It’s not that “women hate you” or something.

The good news is you can CONTROL the outcome. You are NOT a victim. If you are doing fine elsewhere with people, it means your personality WORKS.

Now it’s simply a matter of killing the “too good to be true factor”. Stop submarining your confidence thinking there’s no chance a woman YOU like could possibly like you back. Let her decide that on her own rather than YOU leading her to a negative outcome. What difference could being as confident of other’s approval in the presence of a hottie as you typically are in all other situations mean? In a very real way it could mean shredding up this “limiting belief” once and for all.

6) I Haven’t Learned Enough Yet

Sure, having tons of knowledge about how women think and what they want is IMMENSELY valuable.

And sure, maybe you recognize that there’s a journey ahead of you in becoming the “Big Four” guy YOU envision yourself to be.

BUT…you can’t wallow in “theory” over there forever. You’ve GOT TO PRACTICE.

If you play golf, you might read some Golf manuals and magazines, then you go hit a bucket at the range. You may take notes, come back and read some more, then maybe play 18 with a few friends. Improvement happens over time through a combination of KNOWLEDGE and PRACTICE. It follows logically that succeeding with women is a similar process. Unless, of course, you’re looking for an excuse to remain terrified of women. Then you’ll continue to “fail to deploy”.

Pull the trigger, gentlemen. Relax and have fun…the women dig you. So you thought you were alone, did you?

If there’s ANY takeaway from what you’ve just read, it’s that just about every one of us thinks we’re ALL ALONE in dealing with our self-perceived inadequacies. But the truth is that WE ALL tend to battle VERY SIMILAR demons. Can you get your head around that, realize that what you’re “up against” is completely normal, and use that information to RISE ABOVE the adversity? Your answer to that very question will decide whether or not you’ll have the stones to step up and make success happen with women…or not.

So are you ready to STOP MAKING EXCUSES and becomes the kind of man who has COMPLETE CONTROL over his dating life? Do you want to NATURALLY draw higher quality women?

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