Seduction Marketer Gets To 2nd Base

Self-proclaimed “Master Online PUA” Tim “Snake Eyes” Jefferson,
a seduction & ‘make money online’ marketer, finally got to
2nd base with a girl for the first time at the age of 37…

You might know Tim by his patented “Uncanny Method” and his
much hyped “Tsunami Opener”

Tim had a minor setback late last year when it was revealed that
his system was nothing more than another Mystery Method clone
and his colorfully titled opener was the most pathetic group opener
invented by man or beast…

(if you are unfamiliar, it starts by telling girls that your best friend
flaked on you that night to go to a Furry Convention… then you
beg the girls to join your pathetic pitty party and then take lots of
pictures of them that you later post online and make false implications
that you fucked them…)

As mentioned, things are looking up for “Snake Eyes” in 2010 because
he managed to coerce a fat girl from the local 7-11 into his parent’s
basement by leaving a trail of Reese’s Pieces for her to follow…

Once there… he kino escalated, used ‘framing’, negged, showed higher
value, push/pulled, and finally got somewhere when he promised her
a box of Hostess Ding Dongs if she would let him touch her sagging breasts…

Afterward, Tim immediately logged onto his own “exclusive” forum that’s only
available to paid buyers of his newest program, and wrote up a glamorous
field report bragging of his conquest with a “HB10″

In doing so, Tim invented a new PUA term for “closing” called the “TT-close”
or “touch titty close”

To date, his “HB10 TT-close report” has a WHOPPING 3 views from the
7 forum members… a new Snake Eye’s Seduction M.A.F.I.A. forum

Tim spent the rest of the night updating his “sexual conquests” Microsoft Excel
spreadsheet and making new banner ads for his affiliates to use that brag about
his new grossly inflated “lay count”

Then he jerked off to an episode of “Blossom” and went to sleep on his futon…

The next morning, Tim realized he accidently recorded his interaction with the
fat girl with his webcam and plans on adding it to a new infield video product
that he’s releasing soon called “Infield XXXposed”

He sent me a 30-second preview that you can watch by Clicking Here

I want to wish Tim a heartfelt congratulations…

Like I always say: tit today, twat tomorrow!

It’s casual,
Mack Tight

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