Seduction Sales Pages Gone Wild

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I accept that most seduction product sales pages are just trying to get you to buy their product by any means possible…

But then there are the occasions where they take it a bit TOO FAR to the point it is downright hilarious.

Here’s a couple of my most recent favorites…

Thundercat’s Pure Personality servers blowing up

Their whole thing is to get you to buy NOW.

But the worst false time constraint ever is on the Pure Personality site where Thundercat claim that his servers may “blow up” so you should order NOW before it happens…

WARNING! Due To The Extreme Demand For This Course, I Do Not Know How Long I Can Accept Orders Without My Server Blowing Up!

See it for yourself here

If this was true, the server room at on Cyber Monday would be like a war field.

Give me a fucking break Thundercat… I was born at night but not last night!

David Wygant saves you $9,903

When I read a sales page I know it is typically going to be like an infomercial. They will cut the price and add bonuses as I read so it makes it sound like a better deal at the end.

I generally expect the final price to be a third to a tenth of the initial claimed value… but a hundredth?!?

David Wygant hints that his $97 anti-PUA product 20 Ways to Meet Hotter Women, WITHOUT Pickup Lines is the “same stuff” that he charges his private students $10,000 for…

A steal at any price

Everyone I have ever coached one-on-one for a weekend has left being able to meet women like this… but they paid a not-so-small fortune for this information. You see, this is the same stuff I give to my $10,000.00 weekend clients – hard-boiled into a POWERFUL FOUR HOUR AUDIO PROGRAM.

Fortunately, you won’t pay a tenth of what my private clients have to pay. Not even 1/100th! That’s right – the cost of this entire program is ONLY $97.

See it for yourself here

If I was one of David’s private students I would be really fucking pissed. He’s charging them $10,000 for the “same stuff” that he charges the general public less than a $100 for! Talking about getting fucked over!

Thank you Thundercat and David Wygant for both making me laugh this Friday with your sales pages.

God bless you both!

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