10 Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas for Men

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If you want to get LAID this Halloween… I recommend
choosing a costume that women find ATTRACTIVE…

You see, most guys pick a FUNNY costume that gets a lot
of comments…

But a THOUSAND comments means nothing if the girls just
see you as a “dancing monkey” that she won’t sleep with…

Girls fantasize about sleeping with rock stars… not Stewie
from Family Guy

I recommend picking an ATTRACTIVE & FLATTERING costume…

And to get you steered in the right direction, here’s
10 examples with links to pictures and where you can buy
them online…

They might not be the most original or current, but
they’ll give you a good idea of what to shoot for…


*** 10 ATTRACTIVE Halloween Costumes For Men ***


1.) Pirate

They’re dangerous and adventurous… dressing
as a pirate is always a safe bet, just ask
Johnny Depp!

~~> Check out this killer pirate costume…


2.) Cowboy

For a while, “Brokeback Mountain” ruined the
cowboy costume. But now, cowboys are back to
being rugged and attractive to WOMEN.

My revelation about dressing “attractive” for
Halloween actually came in the early 2000’s when
I was dressed as some goofy cartoon character and
I watched as two guys dressed as cowboys had girls
grabbing at their lassos ;-)

~~> Girls will want to “ride” this cowboy…


3.) Chippendale Dancer

If you’ve got the BALLS to dress up as a male stripper,
you’re going to get attention from the ladies!

You don’t even have to be ripped as long as you’re CONFIDENT.

Best yet, this costume is CHEAP to put together… get it here…


4.) Super Hero

Whether it’s Captain America, Green Lantern or
… every girl wants to be Lois Lane and
swept off her feet by a Superman.

I just recommend staying away from the costumes with
silly fake muscles or masks that completely cover your

Here’s some pics of cool super-hero costumes you can order…


5.) Zorro/Musketeer

These guys are adventurous lovers!

Check out these killer costumes:

~~> Zorro Costume

~~> Musketeer Costume


6.) Athlete

Wilt Chamberlain slept with 25,000 women… ’nuff said!

Women flock to athletes… even if you’re just a professional
golfer ;-)

Here’s a couple athlete costumes that I like:

~~> Boxer Costume

~~> Race Car Driver


7.) Celebrity

Back in 2011, I recommended that guys be Charlie Sheen looking for his goddesses…

In 2013, I say be Robin Thicke looking for your Miley Cyrus to grind…

Women LOVE gossip magazines and are attracted
to celebrities, so be the next best thing…

Dress as Charlie Sheen & be #WINNING!

Dress as Robin Thicke & prepare for some blurred lines!


8.) Spartan/Hercules

If you have the right physique, these costumes CRUSH
it with the ladies!

I have a friend who is ripped as all hell. He lifts
weights 6 days per week and eats a strict diet.

I went to a bar with him and girls in a bachelorette
party made him take his shirt off. One minute later,
a bouncer made him put it back on.

Halloween is the one night where he can go shirtless
and the bouncers can’t say shit… yet he just told me
he’s dressing as The Terminator and will be wearing a
leather jacket

I just don’t get it… IF YOU GOT IT, FLAUNT IT!

Being a spartan like Gerard Butler in “300″ is a great
way to flaunt it… just look:

~~> Order Spartan Costume (pictures)…


9.) Devil

Devil’s are EVIL and tempt nice lil girls into doing NAUGHTY things!

The problem is most devil costumes look CHEESY!

Here’s two SEXY devil costumes that look ATTRACTIVE:

Handsome Devil~~> Pictures & order info…

Hugh Hefner Devil~~> Pictures & order info…


10.) Phantom of the Opera

I don’t know what it is, but chicks dig the Phantom of the Opera

They find it hopelessly romantic…

And surprisingly, most of the costumes are quite posh and flattering…

Check out this one, which even comes with a fake rose…



11.) Rock Star

Party like a rockstar and hook-up with groupies…

Check out this rock star costume…


I think the above examples give you a good idea on what to look for…

When picking out a costume, don’t think about one’s that will get you knuckle-bumps from the bro’s…

Instead, go with ones that will have the hotties want to bump uglies with you…

If none of the examples fit your bill, check out Amazon’s Halloween shop for probably the best selection of costumes for the best price:

~~> Online Halloween Shop

Hope this helps & I hope you get LAID this Halloween! :-)

It’s casual,

Mack Tight

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