Rebel Wilson Lies About Her Age, 36 Not 29. Should You Lie Too?

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It’s no secret that everyone lies about their age in Hollywood. Actresses, actors, singers and even rappers shave years off. Youth sells, even if it’s only perceived.

But should you lie to girls about your age? If you’re 40 but could pass as 30, should you say that you’re 30?

The problem with lying about age is you eventually will get caught. That happened to actress Rebel Wilson this week.

Rebel Wilson Lies About AgeFor years, she’s been claiming to be born in 1986. Well, one of her former classmates has come out and said she was actually born in 1979. That would make her 36 instead of 29. That’s a seven year difference!

On top of that, she lied about her name and her upbringing. Her real name is actually Melanie Bownds, not Rebel Wilson.

In interviews, she claimed that she was raised “in the ghetto”. Actually, she went to a private $25,000 per year school and lived in a “upper middle class” family.

So what was Rebel’s… oops, I mean Melanie’s response?

She wrote on Twitter:

“OMG I’m actually a 100 year old mermaid formerly known as “CC Chalice” ….thanks shady Australian press for your tall poppy syndrome x” “Okay but all jokes aside now…my real name is Fat Patricia x”

That Twitter response is sooooo lame. Exaggerations, more fat jokes and trying to spin the blame on the Australian press.

Hey Melanie/Rebel, You Got Caught Lying. It’s That Simple!

Her response is similar to that of a person caught cheating on a spouse on the Dr. Phil Show. Blame the accuser. I guess it must work. So the next time you get caught cheating, make light of it and then blame the other person.

So what does the mainstream media think about Rebel Wilson’s lies?

The overall response from feminists and media blogs is “so what?” It’s no big deal that she lied about her name, age and upbringing. They cheer her for her Twitter response and call it “funny”. Whose business is it how old she is?

So Are Rebel Wilson’s Lies Really A “Big Deal”?

I personally don’t have an issue with her using a stage name. I also understand that it’s common for celebrities to shave a couple years off their age. Seven years is a bit extreme. I guess if she got away with it, good for her. If you’re overweight, you DO tend to look younger.

But why say you were raised in the “ghetto” when you were not? That’s kind of a dick move if you ask me. It’s a slap in the face to anyone who actually was raised lower class.

When Should You Lie And What Should You Lie About?

Here’s my 2 rules about lying.

1.) Lie Selectively And Only When Needed

2.) Don’t Lie About Things That Can Be Easily Verified!

Melanie/Rebel broke both rules. She lied about being raised in the “ghetto” when there was really no benefit to do so. Also, it was only a matter of time before someone from her past spoke out about her age/name.

The same pertains to you. The more lies you make, the more chance you’ll get caught. If you lie about your age to a girl but give her your real name. A quick Google search on her phone will likely tell her your REAL age. She can quickly and easily find out if you’re lying or not.

The REAL Problem With Lying To Girls Is…

Once a girl knows you’ve lied, it’s harder for her to trust you. Especially if she has just met you.

“Trust” is a big issue. A girl MUST trust you in order to be in intimate situations with you. She does not want to put herself into compromising situations with a man she deems dishonest.

The mass media will sweep Melanie’s/Rebel’s lies underneath the rug like it’s no big deal. But that doesn’t mean you should lie about your age too.

Who cares if you’re older? In many ways being older is better if you’re a man meeting younger women.

In fact, this free video reveals how to date younger girls. It’ll help you get a girl half your age better than lying will.

Save your lies for when they are needed. And make sure the lies you make are hard to verify.

It’s casual,

Mack Tight

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