Should You Use Gimmicky Props To Open Women?

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Hello Kitty Pez dispenserSo last week I told you about the super cool iRobot Roomba vacuum I got for Christmas… but that wasn’t all the gifts I got…

My brother gave me a Hello Kitty Pez dispenser and a giant candy necklace that he told me to use to pick up chicks with.

I said “awesome, thanks!”… but in reality, using gimmicks to open women is not my thing anymore…

I remember reading posts by pickup artists who recommended using such items. Back in college, I did take a Pez dispenser to a bar. It can work for opening women, but I think just going up to talk to them is more practical and less gimmicky.

You have to look at it through a woman’s eyes. Here’s this guy carrying around a Hello Kitty Pez dispenser… either he is going out of his way to use it to open women because he doesn’t know how to open them like normal guys *OR* else he’s really fucking WEIRD!

Either way, it’s a LOSE/LOSE situation…

So my rules for props are…

1.) They should be natural to your surroundings and demographic

2.) They should be used AFTER you open the girl

3.) Use them sparingly

REMEMBER: Being fun and playful gets the girl… but being weird and awkward makes her uncomfortable… a lot of these props I see being recommended skewer toward the later…

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