Simple Pickup is Officially Dead - Kong Deletes All Their Videos

It’s official, SimplePickup is no more! The successful YouTube channel contained mainly hidden camera videos of Jesse Jhaj, Jason Roberts and Kong Pham approaching girls in costumes or using lines of different themes…

They haven’t made new video in several years. Before that, Jason left. Jesse and Kong seemed to move into the “make money online” advice niche with their Jumpcut Academy.

Kong now says Jesse left Jumpcut a year and a half ago. There’s alledged rumors that Kong had to fire him because Jesse was butthurt because Kong either stole his girlfriend or started dating her after their breakup. There was apparently a KickStarter video and Instagram posts that backed that up, but they are all gone now and I cannot verify any of it.

Kong created a new video explaining why he deleted all the old Simple Pickup videos. He claims they were damaging to his current business.

Here’s my opinions:

1.) First, Kong looks like someone shoved a tire pump up his ass like in Dig Dug and kept pumping until he’s now almost about to burst. What the deal homie?

2.) I don’t like the narrative that college is a big waste of money, so instead give him a bunch of money for education instead. I admit, SimplePickup was incredibly successful at the time and I would love to pick his brain about it all.. but education doesn’t necessarily equate to success. Someone with strong drive and intuition can become a multi-millionaire on their own without giving anyone money for education.

3.) I never really was a huge fan of Simple Pickup in the first place. Their approach videos seemed schlockey and many seemed staged in my opinion. Sure, they were entertaining. Their advice videos were nothing ground breaking and were mainly rehashes of already available advice.

That all being said, I’m sad to see them go. Everything related to “pickup” has become taboo as of lately. Just 8 years ago, Simple Pickup was interviewed in a mainly positive light on ABC News. That would never happen in todays #metoo climate.

No matter how bad the mainstream media shames picking up girls.. men are always going to be hitting on women. That’s the way the world turns.

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It’s casual,

Mack Tight