Sinn at the Under 21 Convention

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Here’s a video of Sinn from the 2008 Under 21 Convention that took place in Orlando…

Love the Eazy-E shirt!

Basically Sinn is saying that you should have fun, be positive and be playful when you go out. This sounds so obvious but I can’t tell you how many people go out being negative and unhappy. I’ve been guilty myself…

This is only ten minutes of the almost 2 hours of him speaking. You can watch the whole 17 hours of the convention by clicking here…

If you like Sinn, you can also check out his new Lay Report Book

Finally, next years Under 21 Convention is July 23rd-26th in Orlando and they already have an all-star lineup of guest speakers including…

* Matador
* Mehow
* Vin DiCarlo
* AFC Adam Lyons
* Nick Sparks

…with more guest being added as we speak.

Get your tickets now for only $199.95 by clicking here before they go up in price in January…

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