A Sinn vs. David Wygant Charity Boxing Match?!?

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David Wygant and Sinn have been trash talking each other a lot lately…

During a recent Barry Kirkey show, David said that Sinn could not look him in the eyes like a man at the PUA Summit

In return, Sinn has had a lot to say about David’s age, teaching style and his choice of openers…

In fact on his blog Sinn says…

“I challenge shit talking old man David Wygant to a boxing match for charity”…

Then he makes a 2Pac quote…

“Why the fuck these cowards be running too scared to fight a G?”


He’s quoting 2Pac in relationship with a proposed charity boxing match with a dude 20 years his senior?!?!

That’s like pissing on Tupac’s grave!

Is it possible that this is just some fake beef to drum up interest for Sinn’s newly released Lay Reports Book

Or to also help promote the upcoming David Wygant community?!?

Sinn seems quite honest but I’ve been wrong in the past…

…and Wygant sure seems like the go-to-guy for pseudo beef…

I got an idea…

How about a real fist fight if they “truly” hate each other so much!

That’s how true Gz do it when they are out of ammo…

It can take place in an alley behind a Whole Foods…

Or instead is this “charity boxing match” going to take place at an Art of Charm seminar?

…is Ross Jeffries going to be the referee?

If they conveniently hug it out afterward like Arie and E on Entourage I call “bullshit” on a G!

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  • JT
    August 20th, 2009 at 9:36 am

    I have the utmost respect for what Sinn and David bring to the “pick-up table”, but who wants to watch a 24 year old pussy fight a 40-something pussy? And for which charity? Have fun raising your $2.50 for charity fellas…….Stick to what you know: 1. pulling girls, 2. bragging about it, 3. typing inflammatory shit on a keyboard.

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