“Skins” is the first teen show worth watching

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I’ve seen countless teen dramas in my days. From Beverly Hills 90210 to Dawson’s Creek to The OC back to the “new” 90210. I’ve found them all to be cliche ridden, boring, preachy and filled with characters I cannot stand.

Somehow this summer I stumbled upon a teen show from the UK called “Skins”. It airs on Channel 4 (e4) across the pond and they are now showing season one on BBC America in the states right now.

The problem is the show is filled with swearing, sex, drug use and nudity and since the US is such a Puritan country they hacked and censored the episodes to air here. They did the same thing a couple years back with Canada’s brilliant “Trailer Park Boys”.

Luckily you can download the uncensored episodes at iTunes.

The show revolves around a group of Bristol teenagers. They pretty much drink, do drugs, party and fuck.

Tony is the alpha male of the group. Michelle is his girlfriend. Sid is his omega male friend.

Tony loves fucking with Michelle and Sid and showing his dominance. Some of the power moves he does are legendary.

Even though Sid is a complete chump, I sadly have to say I root for the dude even though I shouldn’t. All the characters are likable and the show does a good job not preaching.

My only gripe is that toward the end of the first season they totally beat down the alpha male character and in season two they got a bit too serious.

I’m a die hard Yank so I wasn’t down with the UK slang and swear words at first but I caught on fast. Bullocks! I now know enough to hate wankers and sodding tossers.

Here’s a preview clip from the next episode to air in the US. I really want to shag the bird in this video…

I really want to check out Britain in my near future and maybe take a PUATraining boot camp while I’m there.

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