SNL “Flirting” Skit MOCKS Chick Flicks & Awkward Nice Guys

Here’s a quick Saturday Night Live skit called “Flirty”. It’s about “two neighbors struggle to find the right words to tell each other how they feel.”

It starts off slow with a “chick flick” vibe, but has a harsh “reality check” at the end:

So should you take away from this skit?

Life is NOT like a chick flick. You can’t be the awkward hee-hawing “nice guy” and expect to eventually “win the girl”.

You need to take action NOW. Otherwise, some other more assertive guy will come along and muscle you out.

Also, girls have unattached sex with “bad boys” while ‘dating’ nice guys. At least the guy in this video was apparently accepting of that fact ;-)

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It’s casual,

Mack Tight