2-Step Pill-Free Cure for Social Anxiety and Approach Anxiety

Do you get nervous around women? Do you feel anxious approaching girls? Do people refer to you as being “shy”?

If so, you MUST read this question and answer. I reveal how to eliminate social anxiety and approach anxiety FOR GOOD:

Let me get an opinion from you. I’m pretty shy but I have approach anxiety too. Are they different or kinda the same?Any tips for getting over it?

Joe W.

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Hey Joe,

They are kind of the same. In my opinion, they are both derivatives of social anxiety. The best solution is using “cognitive behavioral therapy“. It’s a combination of two therapies.

Cognitive Therapy-

You catch your irrational negative thoughts, like “she’s going to hit me & tell me to go to hell if I approach her”. You think more logical and more positive, “if I approach her, she is probably going to either like talking to me or just politely excuse herself and leave”.

Behavioral Therapy-

You gradually expose yourself to the things that make you anxious. You gradually build a tolerance to it.

For example:

1) approach a store worker and ask her a question
2) approach a girl and ask her what time it is
3) approach a old lady you are not attracted to and start up a conversation
4) approach a girl you are attracted to and start up a conversation
5) approach a girl you are attracted to and start up a conversation and ask for her phone number
6) approach a girl you are attracted to and start up a conversation and turn things sexual in nature and try to get her to leave with you

Hope that helps. For more shyness & social anxiety help, you can check out this report by my friend Sean Cooper.

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