Some news about Ross Jeffries new Speed Seduction 3.0

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Ross JeffriesRoss Jeffries just released Speed Seduction 3.0 today.

This apparently marks his first complete new course in 12 years.

This all brings up one very important question by me…

Was there actually a Speed Seduction 2.0 that I completely missed?!?


The new program consists of a basic and deluxe version…

The basic version includes 7 DVDs…

The deluxe version includes 7 DVDs, 11 CDs and some other bonuses.

Ross is also offering a new ongoing monthly subscription coaching service for an additional fee, but the first month is offered for the discounted price of $1.

Ross claims that Speed Seduction 3.0 includes “big conceptual breakthroughs… that make is so vastly superior” to the previous versions.

What are these breakthroughs you ask?

Well here you go…

* The Principle, Power And Practice Of Fractionation

* Managing Her Involvement And Investment In The Seduction Interaction AKA The ā€œ3 Iā€ principle

* Managing Emotions And Cultivating Consciousness For Rapid Breakthrough And Self-Design

I have no clue what these concepts are all about…

But you can check out Ross’s Speed Seduction 3.0 site and try to make heads or tails from it yourself…

On the blog, Ross goes on about creating “poonani pathways” that will make her “dripping wet”…

Yes, he actually used the word “poonani”!!!

And we all know Ross Jeffries isn’t all talk… he is a man of initiative!

If he says he is going to give you a “poonani pathway”… dammit, he MEANS IT!!!

He is going to raise his staff in the air like Moses and the sea of cock will part ways leaving you a yellow brick road straight to Poonani City…

Population: YOU!!!

Want to learn more about the possible prospects of dripping wet poonani in your future brought about from the revised teachings of Mr. Ross Jeffries?!?

Then click here check out Ross’s Speed Seduction 3.0 site now…

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