South Park is a worthwhile TV show

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Let’s face it; the majority of the programs on TV are just a pacifier and a waste of time for you to watch.

There are a few shows I do respect though.

South Park is one of them.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone have balls. Not every episode is great but I find at least half to be quite good.

I was recently watching reruns of it and saw an episode from season 6 called “Bebe’s Boobs Destroy Society” and it really hit home.

You can watch the full episode with a few ads at or a crappy quality version of it embedded below:

In the episode Bebe’s boobs get bigger and the guys all become chumps.

They endlessly complement her in every way.

Later they start acting like apes and start fighting each other for her.

The other girls see that Bebe is getting tons of attention from all the guys and start getting jealous of her.

They start to call her “slut” for no legitimate reason (see my recent post).

In the end Stan’s girl gets a boob job in order to compete with Bebe but the guys have already reached their epiphany and realized fighting over boobs is stupid.

This episode touches several key concepts brought up by the seduction community.

It sure seems like Trey and Matt really get it…

… all that and I don’t even think Kenny got killed in the episode!

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