Speed Seduction 3.0

Ross Jeffries just released Speed Seduction 3.0.

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Here are the nuts and bolts of Speed Seduction 3.0 and what I’m offering:

The Deluxe Speed Seduction 3.0 Course

This consists of 7 DVDs, 11 CDS (the complete, unedited seminar), a 200 plus page PDF download, plus 4 Bonus DVDS: Ross Jeffries Speed Life 2006. These are 4 DVDs that you will never again see anywhere else; the very last Speed Life seminar I ever taught. See me at my best on persuasion, personal change, and seduction.

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The Basic Speed Seduction 3.0 Course

This is the most basic option, just the 7 DVDS.

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What you are about to learn is this: the first 100 people who order the Deluxe or Basic Speed Seduction 3.0 course will get a special early sign up bonus, 3 CDS of me guest-teaching an advanced hypnosis seminar. You’ll hear me teach about how the everyday constructs that comprise our sense of self in the world are actually the by-products of social hypnotic programming and how we can program others by reach behind and taking hold of these fundamental subjective building blocks of reality.

I will NEVER sell these or make them available, ever again, so be sure you are one of the first 100 to grab your Basic or Deluxe Speed Seduction 3.0 course.

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Unconditional Guarantee

As with all of my courses and programs, Speed Seduction 3.0 is fully guaranteed for your complete satisfaction. If you don’t agree it is a quantum leap over my previous programs, and far and away the best seduction program offered anywhere, return it within 90 days for a full refund, less postage and handing, no questions asked.

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Peace and piece,

Ross Jeffries
Creator of Speed Seduction

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