Speed Seduction

Ross JeffriesSpeed Seduction is the trademarked term for Ross Jeffries’ methodology of seduction and pick up.

Speed Seduction focuses heavily on the use of hypnosis and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). The student uses speech patterns that rely heavily on subtle double entendres and the anchoring of positive emotions to elicit strong sexual arousal and attraction from women.

There is a large catalog of Speed Seduction products with “Speed Seduction 3.0” being the most recently released.

Here’s a list of products based on your skill level with Speed Seduction:


Speed Seduction Home Study Course
Unstoppable Confidence Course
How To Get The Women You Desire Into Bed
Magick/Psychic Influence Home Study Course


Secrets of Advanced, Irresistible Arousal
Gold Walk Up DVD
Fear Into Charisma Video
Ross’s Metaphors, Stories and 1 on 1 CD Series
Beyond Confidence Videos


Frame Control and Sexual Themes Videos
Hyper Responsive Video Series

If you want to learn Speed Seduction I highly recomend starting with the Beginner Home Study Course

BUT if you are strapped for cash or are just not quite sure if Speed Seduction is for you, I’ve got a secret link that will take you FOREVER to find on Ross’ site!

You can click here to get his Speed Seduction Starter Kit

It includes over $700 worth of his audio and ebooks (including “How To Get The Women You Desire Into Bed“) to get you started all for under $30

And it has BETTER than a “money back guarantee”, in fact he won’t even CHARGE your credit card until 30 days after you download it… so click here to get it NOW!

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