Your whole life should be a vacation

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I subscribe to Sean Messenger’s blog feed and I enjoy his posts.   I recently read his post about his future trip to Vegas and although I understood Sean was being a bit satirical it still reminded me of how I overemphasized vacations in my life when I was an AFC.

When I was an AFC I lived an AFC life fifty out of the fifty-two weeks in a year.

Long sexless dry spells … people pushing me around on a daily basis … women taking advantage of me (in bad ways) … lonely nights of playing video games … internet porn … boredom … depression … soap (I had to throw in the Fight Club reference icon_smile.gif )

What kept me going was the anticipation of some event on the horizon that was going to change everything.

A college homecoming … a vacation … a bachelor party … new years eve … spring break … a concert

When they came I had built an unachievable expectation for the event and usually ended up being let down.

I then spent the next week depressed until I started anticipating the next event on the horizon.

The seduction community has taught me that all I can control is the present and that there is countless opportunities around yourself that you are just not taking advantage of. Rather than setting around wasting your life until the next opportunity comes instead make an opportunity for yourself now.

I’ve been to Vegas once. I’ve been on spring break to Florida or Mexico six times. I used to brag and talk up these trips when talking to others in the past. I wanted to make them sound like they were larger than life and have them make up for my boring life in Wisconsin at the time.

I had great times and have several memories from all the trips but I have had crazier and better times within an hour of where I live in the past few years.

I will be going to Florida for spring break again this spring.   I will party, have fun, be social and sarge (along with wasting lots of money).  That isn’t any different than what I do in Milwaukee in a typical week.

Today I live a PUA life fifty-two of the fifty-two weeks in a year.

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  • joe
    January 6th, 2008 at 12:58 pm

    I am new to the game, what methods should I study first? How do you worj noisy clubs?

  • Mack Tight
    January 7th, 2008 at 1:07 pm

    Hi Joe,
    Good questions. I’ll make a post sometime this week answering them. Stay tuned…

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