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When I entered the seduction community one of the points that I got hammered into my head was “stop chasing women.”

I even heard people suggest the idea that women should be chasing me instead.

When I was an AFC my problem wasn’t that I was chasing women but that I wasn’t chasing women.

I would see a girl in my class, dorm, at work or at a party that I was interested in. Rather than pursue her I would stand around with my thumb up my ass.

I would sometimes try to impress her by my general actions when in her vicinity. I would wear some nice new clothes and hope that she would take notice. I would realign my schedule so that I would cross her path but when we did I wouldn’t say anything. I had some delusional notion that she would some day take notice and eventually approach me.

It rarely if ever happened. Usually instead she would end up hooking up with some other dude who had the balls to pursue her.

Often when I did number close a girl I would expect her to be the one to call me. I would expect her to initiate escalation with me.

It rarely happened.

I despise chick flicks but the one thing that I take notice from them is how far the lead male will go to pursue his love interest. Sure, a lot of the time it is excessive and the actions are a bit unrealistic.

Women of beauty typically have dozens of guys who are actively pursuing them. They don’t need to pursue guys. The key is to be the one unicorn out of the herd of zebras that are pursuing her.

Eventually you may develop the traits, qualities and reputation where women will actually be approaching and pursuing you. I think Conquer Your Campus is a good ebook to help you learn how to develop those traits whether you are in college or not.

But until you have those traits, you are going to have to pursue women.

Approach them, email them, text them, call them, propose day-2’s with them and escalate with them.

Chase them.

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  • Tao Kuei
    April 18th, 2008 at 6:48 pm

    Wow man, I love your post. It totally bashes the bad advice we get give constantly like “just be yourself” and so forth. Carlos Xuma wrote an interesting article on the latter.

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