Stephen Nash releases The Natural Art of the Pick Up

Stephen “Playboy” Nash is continuing his foray into natural game products with his recent release of “The Natural Art of the Pick Up“.

This product consists of a 90 page ebook and over 8 hours of audio and clocks in at just under $130.

He seems to touch all bases with this product including suggested venues to meet women, inner game, getting instate, openers, approach anxiety, body language, hooking, baiting, storytelling skills, how to dress, kino and more…

Some of what he states that he is teaching really skirts the perimeters of negging, peacocking and the use of canned openers which seems to contradict everything natural game is about. It will be interesting to see how he presents these topics.

Here’s a video by Stephen describing what The Natural Art of the Pick-up is about:

I’ve always thought Stephen was an entertaining speaker but let me ask the million dollar question here…

Why does a guy who runs a company called “Cutting Edge Image Consulting” have a hairdo that looks equal parts like Lenny from Laverne & Shirley and a bad Elvis impersonator?!?

Maybe it is weird for me to comment on another man’s hair and I KNOW I shouldn’t care, but after watching this video of his head talking to me for a few minutes I subconsciously started humming “All Shook Up”.

I digress, anyhow click here to learn more about his Natural Art of the Pick Up…