Stop Hating And Start Appreciating Men Who Are Better Than You

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If you see a guy with better game than you, do you get jealous and talk shit about him? Or do you appreciate it and use it as motivation to step your game up?

I sure hope it’s the latter…

There’s always going to be a guy better than you at whatever you do..

The WORST thing you can do is get butt-hurt about it…

The best thing you can do is to learn from it and try to replicate it..

So here’s a recent story that reinforces my point..

The Story

Last Saturday, I stopped at a social networking event briefly…

There were a bunch of guys and a bunch of girls, where a handful were “cute”…

There was a really tall guy who was flirting with all the cute girls…

He basically got every cute girl’s phone number that were there for the event, then he started talking/flirting to random cute girls in the bar that were not with the event…

I thought, “good for him!”

I have to give him props, he was playing the room well. His phone full of numbers was the proof.

Based on what I saw, the only way I could criticize the guy is if he left the bar alone…

Instead, I’m going to criticize the other guys at the bar who were part of the social event…

Most notably, two guys who were jealously hating on the tall guy. I’ll call them “Tweedle Dee” and “Tweedle Dum”…

Tweedle Dee was jealous because he was attracted to one of the girls the tall guy was flirting with. He kept saying “Tall Guy is trying to be a pimp soooo hard” in a condescending tone…

DISCLAIMER: I’m not a fan of using the term “pimp” or “pimping” as an analogy for being successful with women. I accept that real life pimps serve a purpose. But I don’t feel like what they do should be glorified. But Tweedle Dee dealt me the hand so I have no choice but to play with it…

Here’s the deal, he was not “trying” to be a “pimp”.. he WAS BEING a “pimp”!

Don’t hate, instead step your game up son!

Next, Tweedle Dum bitched about how the cute girls were hovering around the tall guy. He complained that the girls were ignoring him and not giving him a chance to talk to them. He chalked it up to his height.

Tough titties dude! Want some cheese with that “whine”?

I was there for only a short time, but that was enough time for me to see that Tweedle Dum was an uptight negative bore. Why would women want to talk to him?

The tall guy was animated and fun. I could clearly see why a woman would want to talk to him instead. It had more to do with his outgoing personality and less about his physical characteristics.

Even worse, why does Tweedle Dum think the women are REQUIRED to “give him a chance”? I understand that it was a “social networking” event. But that being said, the burden of being “social” always falls on YOUR shoulders.

You need to be the assertive person who goes and talks to the other person. You need to be able to lead the conversation. If a cute girl is talking to another guy, interrupt or talk to a different cute girl. Don’t whine and sulk like a little negative pity-party bitch.


Ultimately, I convinced Tweedle Dee to grow a pair and ask for the cute girl’s number. She gave it to him and he was happy.

Do I think she will be receptive if he calls or texts her? I don’t know, probably not. But like Wayne Gretzky said “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Kudos to him for changing his attitude and taking action.

Tweedle Dum settled with talking to the “not cute” girls. He’s a more “hard case” guy. Nothing is worse than a guy in his 30s or 40s who wants to blame external factors rather than accepting that he’s wrong.

Maybe saying that he is “wrong” is harsh. But at the very least, he needs to come to terms that there are things he can do to make the situation better and more favorable for himself.

I heard that tall guy went home alone. I’m sure he left with some solid phone numbers and maybe had a booty call already lined up.

I think for him, he should have tried to “close” one of the cute girls. He should have invited the girl with the best logistics to his place for a night cap. The fact that it was a social networking event and the people were all in the same organization might have complicated things.

The Take Away From All This

If you are annoyed by another guy, it’s often because you are jealous of him. He’s doing something you wish you could do.

Rather than hate on him, appreciate him. Soak it in. Be positive. Then stop dwelling on him. Try to replicate what he’s doing.

It’s casual,

Mack Tight

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