Stop Watching Trashy TV in order to Feel Better About Yourself

Why is trashy reality TV so popular?

It’s probably because the people on those shows make us feel better about ourselves.

But isn’t that sort of ass backwards when it comes to self-improvement?

I’m an advocate of spending your time learning and becoming inspired by those who are more successful than you.

I want to consume media that makes me want to bust my ass to become a better person.

Instead, most would rather watch trailer trash fight with each other. They watch it and say “at least I’m not as f**ked up as those people, I’m glad I’m better than them”.

I think you should take a quick assessment of the TV shows that you watch. Ask yourself, do I watch this to make me feel better about myself? Do I watch this to live my life vicariously through an onscreen character? Do I feel shitty about my life and watch this as an “escape”?

If your answer is yes to any of the above, STOP WATCHING THOSE SHOWS! Accept your current status and start working on yourself to make your situation better.

It’s casual,

Mack Tight