Some general winter skin care suggestions

I hate being whiter than Casper but it is hard to get a tan in the winter when you live in Wisconsin.

Last year I went to a tanning salon and was unimpressed with the results. It was expensive, took a lot of time, my skin became dry and itchy and I really didn’t get very tan from it. I did get a sweaty ass though.

I decided I wanted to stop tanning in the sun and in beds because I do not want my skin looking like crocodile leather by the time I turn forty.

Now instead I use Nivea for Men lotion in the morning after I shave. This keeps my face moisturized during the winter and includes sunblock to keep the sun’s rays from damaging my skin.

At night before I go to bed I use sunless tanning lotion. It is an affordable and convenient way for me to get a little color.

I also use lip balm daily in the winter. The wind and cold cause havoc to my lips without it. Chapped lips are not attractive to the girl you are hoping to kiss.

Now that you think I’m a total metrosexual I think I will end this post icon_smile.gif