T21C Updates (discounts & line-ups)

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Anthony “Dream”, the organizer of The 21 Convention (AKA “T21C” for short), sent me a BUNCH of updates regarding T21C…

First, he’s putting on a 2nd T21C in Stockholm, Sweden

So now there’s a T21C in Europe in June and one in the US in July (Orlando, Florida to be exact…)

Here’s the links to get your tickets at the “Online Discount” price:

(The special discount code “ESEDUCE10” will automatically be added to save you ANOTHER $10 for the US convention… or “ESEDUCE30” will be added to save you €30 for the Europe convention!)

==> Get T21C US Tickets (Orlando, Florida)

==> Get T21C Europe Tickets (Stockholm, Sweden)

Anthony has also released a partial line-up of speakers for both events…

Here’s the line-up so far for the US T21C…

* El Topo

* Adam Lyons

* Nick Sparks

* Dj Fuji

* Erika Awakening

Here’s the line-up for the Sweden T21C…

* Richard “Gambler” La Ruina

* Adam Lyons

* Badboy (just added 2/9/10!)

* El Topo

* Dharam (PUA Training)

* Jeremy Soul (Love Systems)

* Keychain (Love Systems) (just added 2/9/10!)

* Vince Kelvin (just added 2/9/10!)

This again is JUST the list of speakers SO FAR…

Anthony continuously adds more speakers as it gets closer to the events…

As far as tickets go, Anthony has it so the prices go up the closer it gets to the conventions…

That means the CHEAPEST you are going to get a ticket is RIGHT NOW

In fact, he’s jacking up the price on June 23rd so NOW would be a good time to get your ticket at the “Online Discount” price!

In fact, if you use the special discount code “ESEDUCE10“, you’ll save yourself an ADDITIONAL $10 for the US convention or €30 for the Europe convention…

Here’s the links to get your tickets:

==> Get T21C US Tickets (Orlando, Florida)

==> Get T21C Europe Tickets (Stockholm, Sweden)

It should be a GREAT time…

These conventions give you a LOT of speakers with a WIDE RANGE of knowledge all for a LOW TICKET PRICE…

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