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Conquer your campus college dating dynamicsI’ve been recently rereading Mark Redman’s Conquer Your Campus ebook for a later review. It is a good book and anyone who is in or entering college should get it. In fact the ebook applies to everyone.

Mark has one chapter in it called “Why college is different than the real world”. In it he goes into detail telling how “college game” is different than “real world game”.

Back in speech class at my college we had to pair up and one person would do a “pro” speech about a topic and the other did a “con” speech on it.

While Mark makes his “pro” speech in his book, I’m going to make my “con” speech in this post.

Why college is the same as the real world

Once I graduated from college I got a job. I used to spend time at my job daydreaming about how much I missed college. It was so much easier to get women in college than in the real world. I awoke from my daydream to find the hot secretary who I never talked much to put my mail in my mailbox and walk off.

College is an environment where many people are forced to get together and interact with each other. This is no different than your job or your apartment complex or your health club or your local bar or your local laundry mat or a coffee shop.

If you regularly go somewhere and see the same people frequently then it is probably such an environment.

I admit college is optimal for picking up women because of the age, demographic, lack of repercussions and living situations. It is vast and target rich but once you graduate you have similar environments where the same social opportunities and structure applies.

The “Big Man on Campus” isn’t much different than the “Alpha Male at the Club” or the “Popular Guy at Work”.

You need to get out there, get involved in some target rich forced social environments and take advantage of them.

College isn’t the be-all and end-all, it is the beginning. For me it was like just getting a new gun and shooting at a stationary target in a target range. If the target range closes you need to find another target range or get good enough to go hunting in the woods for live prey.

I needed to quit daydreaming about the past and start talking to the hot secretary of the present. I needed to start talking to the women I saw every weekend in the bars and clubs I was going to. I needed to talk to my neighbors.

I needed to start treating my present environments like I treated college. Then I was finally able to forget about college and move on with my life.

Check out Conquer Your Campus for more info on how to take advantage of these forced social environments.

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  • Matt Savage
    March 19th, 2008 at 11:59 am

    I like to rely on “Revenge of the Nerds” as my guide to picking up college chicks….and “Animal House” for advanced techniques:)

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