Tattoo Ideas for Men to Attract Girls

So you want to get a tattoo to impress girls? Cool!

Most girls like tattoos on guys. Tattoos give off the “bad boy” vibe that women love.

But before you go running off to the tattoo parlor, I suggest putting some thought into what to get.

Don’t just get barbwire tattooed around your arm. Get something of meaning.

Get a tattoo that you can tell a story about. A story that makes women attracted to you.

Musician Tyler Joseph from the band Twenty One Pilots has several tattoos. He uses them as a conversation starter. He encourages fans to ask him about them. He then tells them the uplifting story behind them. He claims the tattoos explain how his “life was saved”.

Here’s a video of him talking about them.

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If someone asks you about your tattoo, what would you tell them? Would what you say be interesting? Would what you say attract women?

If the tattoo isn’t a conversation starter, don’t get it.

Examples of Good Tattoos Ideas for Men

So what are some good examples?

I find that everyone enjoys hearing stories about family, traveling and pets.

So here’s three suggestions.

1.) Get a tattoo of a pet you had as a child.

2.) Get a tattoo that references the strong bond between you and a parent, grandparent, friend or sibling. Maybe you love fishing with your dad and brother, so get a tattoo of a fishing pole or fish.

3.) Get a tattoo related to your family’s nationality or heritage. Better yet, get it done in that country. For example, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson traveled to Hawaii to have his family’s history tattooed on him. He’s part Samoan and that’s a Samoan tradition.

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If you get a tattoo, make sure it’s art that tells a story. Don’t just get meaningless tacky graffiti permanently etched onto your body.

It’s casual,

Mack Tight

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