Text Messaging Tips for Men

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Tyler TrayTyler Tray is the author of The Ultimate Texting Guide for men. In it he teaches men how to send flirty text messages that attract women.

Here’s an article by him with some text messaging tips for men…

Texting is the greatest tool for men if they want to build attraction. Why is that?

Well, first let’s talk about attraction triggers. Attraction triggers are all the parts of you that you have to account for when interacting with someone. How you handle those areas of you that will either build or destroy attraction. Those parts (or attraction triggers) are your hair, eyes, smell, confidence, flirtyness, words, timing, clothes, witty remarks, and the list keeps going. The greatest challenge with real world attraction is that you have to account for many of these attraction triggers and if you goof up on a few important ones, your success with a woman goes down the drain.

This is why texting is the greatest tool! Texting makes it so all you have to account for are words and timing. You text the right words at the right time and you can expect to triple or double your success in dating. I have seen it happen hundreds of times.

Before we jump in you need to understand that flirting is the first step in building attraction. From a guy’s rational perspective, it’s unnecessary because she has already created attraction with her appearance. But it’s crucial to a woman’s attraction towards you because she is still waiting for a reason to want you. And the best way to do this is through sending flirty text messages. I’m going to share the first 3 tips that I give men whenever I start coaching them on this subject:

Tip #1 - Use the power of suspense - 10 Minute Rule

Suspense creates the roller coaster effect in your flirty text messages. The best way to start applying this is to apply the ten minute rule. That is, when she sends a vulnerable message, wait ten minutes before replying. A vulnerable text messages is something like, “are you free tonight to meet up?” or “do you want to hang out?” This delayed gratification builds suspense and starts creating this uneasy feeling inside which is making her want you more and more. Then, after ten minutes you let her know that everything is cool and all that tension inside of her is released and she’s so much happier and almost privileged that she gets to hang out with you.

The point is, women love to feel and be emotionally involved in whatever she is doing. It’s a big part of what drives them. So if you can be at the front of that emotional roller coaster she is going to be pulled towards you. It’s really that simple. At times, put suspense in your text messages and you will start moving in the right direction.

Tip #2 - Keep it fun, light and un-needy

I bet everyone reading this has run into a few instances where they became stressed about sending the right flirty text message. This is never a good place to be. In time, most women, especially the exceptional ones, will read into this neediness and get turned off. You need to stop caring so much about what you’re sending and instead you need to just stay in a fun and light mood and then start texting. Most importantly, you need to move on and NEVER second guess yourself. If you just relax and understand that there are plenty of fish in the sea, then you will start sending the right flirty text messages.

Tip #3 - Build Attraction not Friendship

Words influence everyone’s life. Words determine where all our relationships go and how strong they are. Now I can’t just give you a bunch of flirty text messages because it takes a lot more to explain the big picture. However, if you want a ton of proven flirty text messages that work, it would be in your best interest to get the eBook “The Ultimate Texting Guide.” It goes into great detail with what flirty text messages women respond to.

I will give you a few flirty tips to get you moving in the right direction. The main one you need to understand is: use text messaging to build attraction not friendship. This is the area that most men fail because they become so used to sending friendly messages to friends that when it comes time to send a flirty text message, they go on auto pilot and send their normal friendly messages. This really destroys your success with women. The key is to be able to discern between the two.

Here are two text messages - one friendly and one flirty. See if you can discern between the two. The scenario: a woman texted two guys and invited them to go shopping with her.

Guy #1: “Ya I would love to go shopping with you. I got to be back in two hours, are you ok with that?”

Guy #2: “I would go shopping with you, but I don’t want you to be tempted to make out with me in the dressing room.”

Yes, I’m sure you guessed example #2 was flirty. Now the key is to be able to send these flirty text messages at the right time. When done correctly, this is definitely an area where I see men triple or double their success with women.

Remember, we don’t get on a roller coaster because it’s boring… if you’re boring, women won’t respond well to you for the same reason. Keep it fun and flirty and stay away from the friendly text messages.

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- Tyler

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