The Adonis Effect 3.0 by Brad Howard is released

the adonis effectI have a good friend who is not a “natural” and he doesn’t particularly have good “game” but he is successful with women nonetheless.

He takes care of his body, works out daily and has a strict food intake. He is quite ripped and toned.

Because of this he can get on the dance floor at a club and women will attack him like piranhas even though he isn’t even a good dancer.

I call him the “Guilty Pleasure”.

I wish I had that problem. My friend needs to work on his “game” and I instead need to work on my body.

Luckily Brad Howard in association with Brad Pilon and John Barban have created “The Adonis Effect” program.

This updated 3rd version involves instructional video along with several books that explain how to eat and exercise in order to get the body that will make you a guilty (or hopefully not so guilty) pleasure for the women. Your body will create “subconscious physical attraction”.

It is great to finally see a fitness program made by someone who is involved with the seduction community. The program seems extensive and a good value. These guys definitely know what they are talking about.

In addition to the fitness material there are also several seduction audio bonuses added that were created by Brad H. and Scot McKay but you need to order now to be guaranteed those bonuses.

Get The Adonis Effect now and get your body looking better.