The Alpha Lover REVIEW ~ Gabrielle Moore (+$20 COUPON CODE)

Gabrielle Moore is a sex expert with a new program called The Alpha Lover. In it, she teaches guys how to become a “bad boy” in the bedroom.

You can read her report about it here.

Is Gabrielle Moore The Alpha Lover a scam? Is it worth getting?

Here’s my quick Gabrielle Moore The Alpha Lover review.

Gabrielle Moore The Alpha Lover review

Gabrielle Moore The Alpha Lover Review - Introduction.

The full name of the program is “Gabrielle Moore The Alpha Lover: How to Be the Sexy Dominant Man She Needs and Ravish Her with Your Masculinity”. That’s a mouth full.

This program includes a video that’s about an hour long. It also includes a PDF with pictures. The video includes graphic sex and the PDF includes nudity.

The video includes a female presenter named Sandy who describes the techniques. You can see some NSFW pictures of her here.

Throughout the video, she gradually strips off her clothes. She’s naked at about 15 minutes into the video and remains naked throughout. There’s a separate couple who are naked on a bed and demonstrate the techniques as Sandy describes them.

Gabrielle Moore The Alpha Lover Review - What’s Inside.

The program focuses on techniques to make you “more dominant” during sex. Gabrielle claims that a lot of women need to feel “pushed around” in a sexy way.

Here’s some of the more notable techniques taught:

- The Bed-Break Boning

- 3 Silent Submitters

- Instant Sexual Confidence Generator

- Bad Boy Babysteps

Check out this report for all the techniques and positions explained.

Gabrielle Moore’s Alpha Lover program costs $47 at the time of this review. That’s fairly reasonable compared to competing programs.

Even better, it costs $27 if you’re willing to sign up for the 15-day free trial to her Naked U program. No need for a coupon code. Just select the $27 option at the bottom of this page.

During this 15 day trial, you will receive her “G-Spot Orgasms Made Easy” program for free. If you don’t cancel before the 15 day trial ends, you will be charged $47 per month for the next episodes of her Naked U program. Each episode includes different topics and different naked instructors.

Gabrielle Moore The Alpha Lover Review - Conclusion.

Gabrielle has a lot of sex advice programs. If you purchased one, you know what to expect. This one doesn’t stray from her normal formula.

You’re going to get sex advice and it’s going to be presented to you and demonstrated by hot naked women.

I think the subject of this program is very worthwhile. I know I had a lot of sexual anxiety when I was younger that caused issues in bed. I’m sure my lack of sexual confidence caused disappointment.

Most women do not want boring sex in the missionary position. They want to be ravished by a man whose oozing masculinity. This program does a solid job teaching men how to let their wild side out without taking it too far.

The price is very reasonable for a program like this. In the past, Gabrielle would charge $47 for a program like this and you’d be forced to sign up for the Naked U trial. It’s nice that she made it an option with The Alpha Lover.

It’s even nicer that you save $20 on the program ($27 vs $47) just for signing up for the free Naked U trial. As long as you cancel the Naked U subscription before 15 days, you basically get a $20 discount and receive another program free (G-Spot Orgasms Made Easy).

Like all of Gabrielle’s programs, there’s also a 60 day money back guarantee.

I give it 4.25 stars out of 5. The Alpha Lover is quite good for its intended target: men seeking to become more dominant and masculine in bed. I gave it an extra quarter of a star because of the $20 discount and optional Naked U subscription.

Gabrielle Moore The Alpha Lover PDF Download

Read her promotional video and report for it here.


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