The Attraction Code initial review and impressions

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The Attraction CodeI haven’t had time to fully read Vin DiCarlo’s new ebook “The Attraction Code” but I would like to give a very brief review of my first impressions of it nonetheless.

The Attraction Code is graphically and visually appealing. It is well organized and put together. It does not jump around and confuse the reader. Everything seems to progress in a logical order. There’s many stories and examples to help explain the techniques and topics.

Last night I was talking to someone who has a female friend who he wishes he could turn their relationship into an intimate direction. He was asking me if any ebooks addressed this and I couldn’t name one. Ironically today I see that The Attraction Code addresses it with section called “How to attract a woman that you are already friends with”.

I’m also a fan of gurus who explain the illogical actions and thinking processes of women. If they can take the confusing things women do and make them logical to me, they have won me over. I am happy to say that Vin dedicates part of a chapter to this.

He also addresses shit tests women give men.

I could type for hours on the ebook but based on the reasonable price, great content and bonuses I recommend you order the The Attraction Code now instead of reading any more of my confusing review that jumps all over the place.

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