The Backlash Against Pick Up Artist Terms and Jargon

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If you’ve been following the seduction community lately, you’ve probably seen the backlash over PUA terms like “day 2″, “HB10″, “DHV” and even terms as basic as “pick up artist” and “seduction community“.

Before I give my opinion about this matter, let me first take you back in time…

Terminology Creation in the Early 2000s

At that time, if someone created a theory or concept, they gave it a unique name or abbreviation. When others talked about the concept and credited the creator, it was in many ways a form of marketing. If you could coin a phrase that others in the seduction community used, it brought you instant notoriety and credentials.

It was okay when terms were being created for concepts that couldn’t be quickly explained using words found in the Webster’s Dictionary, but soon things got out of hand…

“The Game” Comes…

After “The Game” came out, guys were creating unnecessary terms in hopes that they would stick and give them recognition.

Marketers soon realized there was money to be made. They would create products regurgitating the concepts explained in “The Game”. Rather than give credit where it was deserved, they would rename the terms. Basically they were just reinventing the wheel and making things even more confusing for newbies.

My Issues at that Time

Around this time I had two meltdowns regarding terminology…

First, I was going out with some guys I met from an online forum. One of them was telling me he hooked up with a “hired gun” the night before. At the time, a “hired gun” meant a hitman to me.

He explained that it meant a girl you pick up while she is working. I asked him why he just didn’t say he hooked up with a “waitress” and then proceeded to rant about cryptic pickup terms to everyone in our group.

Second, was my infamous “I feel like Tyler Durden” meltdown post from October 13, 2007. Basically all you guys bitching about PUA terms can check out that post and see you are almost 2 years late if you think you are cutting edge by talking shit about “LMR”, “IOI”, “DHV”, “AFC”, “PUA” and “AMOG“. I publicly slammed those acronyms when most of the current complainers were still using them.

My Current Opinions

So what do I think about the use of terms today?

I think things have ran there course and most of the unnecessary jargon has been weeded out and the needed phrases have justly stuck around.

Terms like “day 2″ have went the way of the dodo while “PUA” still persists today.

What I’m REALLY against is the use of unnecessary pick up terms just for the sake of trying to sound like you’re some pick up stud. For example, using “hired gun” to explain the broad spectrum of paid female workers is acceptable. On the other hand, using “hired gun” when you picked up a waitress is stupid. Waitress is more specific and it’s already in the English language, so use it!

To me, it is like some snobby wine expert using elaborate words and phrases like “sacchariferous” to describe “sweet”. Basically they use atypical words to try to paint a picture of expertise and sophistication, when to me it seems try-hard and artificial.

Finally, what do I think of the guys putting quotation marks around the word “guru” and talking shit about the use of words like “alpha male“, “pick up artist” and “seduction community”?

I think they are a bunch of whiny bastards and marketers!

Most of these terms either predate the seduction community or are easy to understand by those with little or no knowledge about sites like mine.

Sadly, today most of the trends of the seduction community are driven by marketers. In the 90s, self-help dating books for men used terms like “dating” and “success with women”. In the early 00s, terms like “pick up” and “seduction” were used and books that had “date” in them seemed like they were written by clueless mainstream authors. Now, the safe words are “attraction” and “dating” while words like “pick up artist” and “seduction” are being portrayed as creepy and dorky.

It is just the circle of marketing if you ask me. Just like how Nutrasweet took over the artificial sweetener industry in the 80s by saying saccharin caused cancer, these marketers are doing what they can to tear away market share from those who currently control it. I’ve studied many products in the past years and with the exception of a few, most teach the same thing under the hood no matter what is written on the outer body.

In Conclusion

My opinions have went from being for terms, then against them, and finally to somewhere in the middle. I think others will follow in my footsteps.

So in summary, avoid unnecessary jargon and stop bitching about words so mainstream that even your mother knows what they mean. A pickup term also has merit if you cannot explain it using three words or less.

It’s casual,

Mack Tight

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  • Casual
    July 13th, 2009 at 6:14 pm

    I think there’s a time and a place for jargon. There are a lot of terms that have been created by the community that are just plain useful (LMR, Day 2, ASD, etc.) whereas some terms are just pure marketing, and different companies using different words to talk about the same concepts. It’s natural for any subcommunity to come up with it’s own terminology, and it’s certainly been fun for me cataloging all the different terms that are out there :)

  • Mack Tight
    July 14th, 2009 at 7:40 am

    I don’t mind “last minute resistance”, but I personally wouldn’t abbreviate it as “LMR” on this blog or when I talk about it.

    “Day 2″ is absolutely pointless. Mystery claimed you should use it instead of “date” so you don’t fall into the “dating mentality”. I think the solution is to change your “dating mentality” rather than rename the wheel and pretend that fixes everything.

    I have no clue what the fuck “ASD” is. Is some form of attention disorder? Did you just make that one up?!

    I’m glad you enjoy cataloging these terms Casual, it would drive me fucking bonkers!

  • Hammer
    July 15th, 2009 at 4:13 pm

    I think there is a lot of value in some of the words. They shorten concepts that would otherwise be more complicated. IOI is a very specific thing. There’s no word for it other than, “She just did something subconscious that indicates that she likes me.”
    ASD is anti-slut defense and it’s pretty useless as a term.
    But the following are a list of terms that make it easier to discuss game:
    LMR, Day 2, SNL, AMOG, IOI, AFC, KFP (kung fu penis, El Topo’s LRM busting tactic that is amazing), and of course DTF (down to fuck).

  • Casual
    July 19th, 2009 at 1:00 am

    I think LMR is easier to say and to type than “last minute resistance”, but YMMV.

    I think Mystery does make a good point about the distinction between “day 2s” and “dates”. When I hear the word “date”, it just immediately conjures up images of taking a girl out for dinner and a movie. The words that we use, to some degree, change our perception of the world, which is why reframing a date as a day 2 is helpful.

    I can’t remember ever using the word “ASD” before, but the concept is important. Women have a tendency to want to protect their images as good girls, and not appear slutty, especially to their friends (hence anti-slut defense). That’s why it’s important when picking up a girl to be discreet, so whatever you do together won’t soil her reputation, and try to make it so that you are always leading the sexual escalation, so she doesn’t have to take any responsibility for the act, and feel like a “slut”.

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