The Best of Ross Jeffries Coaching Program, Volume 1

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Good ol’ Ross Jeffries was hyping up a “major announcement” this morning…

What did it turn out to be you ask?

Is he getting married? Was he going to be a *real* father rather than just the self-proclaimed “Father Of Seduction”? (Hell, me may actually be a father already for all I know…)

NOPE! None of that!

He released a “new” product of “already-been-released” material called “The Best of Ross Jeffries Speed Seduction┬« Coaching Program, Volume 1“…

If you want all of RJ’s classic hype and marketing for it, you can find it here

I can only imagine you’ll find phrases there like “this EARTH SHATTERING program will teach you how to have her PUSSY DRIPPING WET in just THREE SECONDS!!!” …

In my honest interpretation, it sounds like this is a compilation of roughly 30 coaching videos that were sent to guys who were signed up to his monthly coaching program over the past 6 months.

He claims there are only 200 copies of this compilation, you never know for sure if that is true or not…

But if you love RJ and this fits your bill, you can get it here

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