The BEST pickup video ever!

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Recently I made a post about the worst pickup video ever.

Bobby Rio of TSB Mag left a comment asking me what the BEST pickup video in my opinion was…

…surprisingly it involves Charisma Arts once again in the UK Channel 4 documentary “Seduction School“.

Yes, Charisma Arts is involved in both my BEST and WORST pickup videos ironically.

Basically, in this documentary Wayne “Juggler” Elise and Johnny Saviour are flown to England to teach a short guy, a skinny tall guy and a fat guy to become more successful with women. They cover all the bodily extremes with these three guys.

You can watch the trailer below:

Seduction School

Let me explain why I like this video so much…

1. The students were incredibly likeable

All of us can probably identify with at least one of the three guys. I myself am 6′4″ and had issues with my height.

In The Pickup Artist, I found myself rooting for none of the contestants because I thought they were all annoying douche bags…

In this documentary, I found myself rooting for them all.

2. The instructors were “real”, sincere and likeable

Both Wayne “Juggler” Elise and Johnny Saviour came off as being cool and caring guys. They were not arrogant or standoffish like many gurus that I see. They were compassionate and understanding without inducing huge group crying sessions.

For the record, I was REALLY impressed with Johnny Saviour. I sadly haven’t heard of him outside of this show. He is still listed as an instructor on the Charisma Arts site but he is listed way on the bottom. It appears like he has moved on from the seduction community.

3. There was progress made by the students but no over the top sugar coated “chick flick” ending

You could see these guys making progress in what seemed like a very short time…

BUT at the end they still were not masters.

The short guy finally grew the balls to talk sexual to the girl he had oneitis over and she basically just blew him off.

Beyond the above points, I also found their advice on body language and speaking volume very interesting.

At one point Johnny made the statement “Loud people do not make people uncomfortable… quiet people do”…

… How true, how true!

The Charisma Arts guys focused on being direct and conveying sexual interest which was something completely different to the indirect and disqualification trends at the time this originally aired.

All around, I think both Channel 4, Wayne, Johnny and the students all did an exceptional job.

The show aired right when I was getting back into the scene and I can recall watching the whole thing at least three times in its entirety.

In comparison, I have never watched a seduction video even close to that length more than once for non-reviewing purposes.

What do you think of the video?
Do you agree with me?
Do you have a different favorite to share?

If you like what you saw from Wayne Elise and Johnny Saviour, you can click here to check out for more on what they have to offer with their company…

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