The Best Super Bowl Commercial EVER (Men Should LOVE This Ad!)

This was the first Super Bowl in years where the commercials didn’t outshine the game itself.

A lot of the commercials were “sappy”. They involved puppies, loving daddies and sad dead kids. They were geared towards women.

But there were a couple “manly” commercials. Most obviously was the Carl’s Jr. / Hardees commercial with the delicious Charlotte McKinney (and the okay looking “Natural” burger). Many are saying she’s the next Kate Upton. I think she’s much hotter than Kate.

But I thought the BEST Super Bowl commercial was the Doritos “Middle Seat”.

I love it! The guy uses props and strategies to scare off potential seat-mates. When a hot girl comes, he pulls out the red carpet to have her set by her. But then, he sees she has a baby.

I know it’s just a funny commercial, but it does have merit. You SHOULD analyze situations and use strategies to put yourself in the best opportunity to meet women.

Don’t be social conditioned into thinking it’s creepy or evil to do so. Socially conditioned chumps end up setting next to smelly losers on the plane. Real men set by a hot girl.. and I guess, her baby. ;)

It’s casual,

Mack Tight