The BEST Tinder Messages To Send (Hayley Quinn)

Here’s a video by dating expert Hayley Quinn on what’s the best messages to send on Tinder to get a good response:

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I totally disagree with Hayley on this one. She starts out by saying that Tinder is “very superficial, very looks oriented”. Then she proceeds to give dated online dating advice. If you ask me, the “send a personalized comment about something in her profile” message is cheesy and a waste of time on Tinder. Times have changed Hayley.

I recommend sending one of these cut-and-paste messages. Rather than waste time creating “customized” messages, spend that time on pimping out your profile and pictures. Like Hayley said, Tinder is all about looks. Your messages are really secondary.

My buddy Blake is a Tinder expert and he does a great job explaining how to hack Tinder to your advantage.

If you want more Hayley Quinn, check out Hayley’s guide to text messaging girls. You can also check out her video on good vs creepy ways to approach girls. I liked that video much better.

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