The Best TV Shows for Pickup Artists

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There’s often a lot of debate about what shows are the best at helping men learn the skills to be better pickup artists…

In the past, I’ve recommended Entourage, Nip/Tuck, Californication, and Skins

I’ve seen others like Jon Sinn recommend shows like Sex & The City and the Real Housewives…

Now, Brad P’s weighing in with some interesting “best pickup artist tv shows” below…


I’ve always thought it’s great to learn from role models, and some of the best ones are on TV. Sure, they’re sometimes fabricated and re-edited role models, but I still think you can learn from them. So here’s a few TV shows I think you can learn from.

The Colbert Report

This guy has the quickest, strongest, most deadly frame control ever. On a daily basis he goes head to head with the smartest people in the world, and he never loses! He’s also got a great sense of humor, great sarcasm, and shows a soft side now and then, which really pulls it all together. The most important part you should see is the interviews at the end.

Craig Ferguson

Here’s another guy with lightning fast wit and great frame control. But, unlike Colbert, you can actually watch Craig Flirt with the hottest Hollywood actresses in real time. His interviews with actresses are nothing like what you’d see on other late night shows. The women come on thinking it’s just another interview, and they end up getting attracted to Craig. I see all the signs of involuntary attraction on his show that I’ve seen in the field.

Craig uses a huge assortment of attraction techniques, from teasing, to role playing, to complimenting, and his calibration of when to use each one is spot on. Like much of the material you’d learn from me and the 30/30 Club, the underlying motivation is self amusement, and he never worries about what the girl thinks of him.

The Dog Whisperer

Guys in relationships should watch this show. Cesar has learned the way dogs think, and how to use simple tricks to become the dominant one in every interaction. He doesn’t try to think like a man, and use techniques you would use to dominate men. He has completely let go of those ideas. Guys in relationships can learn from this, because to remain dominant in a relationship with a woman, you must let go of a lot of your old ideas and start communicating with her in a way that makes an impact on the female brain, not the male brain. You can also learn a lot about dominance from this show.

Lastly, Cesar is an example of someone who personifies many of the characteristics we teach in self help. He never gets negative, never overreacts, and stays confident and in control at all times. He also nurtures those around him, teaching them to alter their thinking to better relate to their dog.

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