The Daily Sarge: “The Onion” for Pick Up Artists

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I live in Milwaukee, one of the ten cities where you can find the print edition of “The Onion” on every street corner for free. In fact it originated just an hour away from here in Madison and was headquartered there up until 2001.

You would think I’d be biased toward it but to be honest I do not find it the least bit entertaining.

About 10% of the fake article ideas are amusing at first but even those few get tiresome after reading past the first few sentences.

I love the seduction community but you have to admit it opens itself as an easy target for mockery and ridicule by its nature.

Someone decided to take advantage of those opportunities and create a blog with fake pick up news named The Daily Sarge.

It is more amusing to me than The Onion ever will. It is updated quite frequently. I seriously wonder how long it can go for before it starts getting a bit repetitive. There are only so many peacocking, negging and boot camp jokes that you can do before it gets old.

As long as it stays fresh you will find me checking it out frequently.

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  • Matt Savage
    October 4th, 2007 at 11:31 am

    Thanks for finding the DailySarge, that is some damn funny shit. I was just reading it and cracking up in my office. Hilarious.

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