The David Wygant Thanksgiving Day Routine

Happy Thanksgiving!

In the spirit of the holiday, here’s a video of David Wygant describing his Thanksgiving Day Routine…


That has got to be the most ASININE example of a routine possible!

Let me reiterate the routine again…

Go to a “Whole Foods” and put a box of Cap’N Crunch (shouldn’t it be Kashi?!?) and some soy milk in your hand carrier and go whine to some girl with a tofurkey in her cart about how you have no where to go on Thanksgiving and hopefully she will invite you to come to her place.

I want you to just THINK about how ridiculous this routine is…

Here is what you are conveying to the woman:

* I have no friends to spend Thanksgiving with

* I’m so incompetent that I cannot even prepare a proper meal for myself

Every bit of this routine is just SCREAMING that you are a loser with low value who is just begging some girl to take pittance over him…

…and he was trying to ATTRACT girls with this routine?

Rather than admit his routine sucked balls, he tries to generalize that ALL routines are phoney and suck based upon this one…

This video came out around the time that he introduced his newest program called “20 Ways to Meet Hotter Women, WITHOUT Pickup Lines“…

Ironically, in that program he suggests openers (he calls them “approaches”) like the tic-tac-toe on the freezer door approach… I don’t know about you but that smells like a routine to me.

I really don’t care if you are using routine or natural game, if the WORDS that are coming out of your mouth SAY that you are a loser with no friends and you are incompetent; you are not going to be successful with women!

His whole Thanksgiving routine is based around SELF-DEPRECATION. It is something I used to do before I entered the seduction community. You are putting yourself down to the woman looking for a reaction. You scream to the world that you are the ultimate omega male. You might get sympathy or pittance but you will never get attraction by doing this.

Every routine I’ve ever heard a guru give was created with the purpose of doing something positive such as indirectly conveying that you are high value or to test compliance.

For example, Neil Strauss’s cashmere sweater opener shows that you have good taste in clothing. It shows you are of high value.

Mehow’s San Francisco Handshake shows that you have female friend’s from all over the U.S. and UNDERSTAND how females communicate with each other.

I think it is less about routine vs. natural game but more about saying the things that build attraction and not saying the things that do not build attraction.

Once again, Happy Thanksgiving!

Gobble, Gobble!