The Game Audiobook Blooper

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Here’s Neil Strauss AKA “Style” with a blooper of him reading
an excerpt from The Game for an audiobook…

For visuals, Neil shows the covers from all the different
countries that it was published in…

That was friggin’ HAWARIOUS LOLZ!!!!


My Observations:

1. Neil Strauss has a gay lissssp

2. Neil Strauss sounds like a homosexual

3. Neil Strauss gigglez like Ernie from Sesame Street

4. Pickup gurus LOVE to use flattering cartoons of themselves to hide their true emasculant appearance

5. Neil Strauss made MILLIONS by coming in and milking a pre-existing PUA community…

6. …yet he says HIS BOOK made the PUAs in it MILLIONS, not vice versa!

OK, I admit… I’m just jealous…

I want some cartoonist to draw my scrawny ass looking like Jason Statham too!

So which is YOUR favorite cover?

For me, it’s a tie…

I like the one with the cartoon Neil who looks like a young David Hasselhoff (complete with a full head of brown hair)…

…and the one where the guy is pulling the girl’s underwear out and is quizzically gawking at what appears to be her ass (if it isn’t, it sure looks like her ass to me).

~ “SSSSSo THAT’SSSSS what an asssssshole lookssss like!” ~

PS: I’m just kidding Neil, I don’t want you going all Rambo on me now that you’re a “survivalist”!

PPS: That means don’t sic your goat on me either, I don’t want it gnawing at my ostrich wingtips!

It’ssss cassssual,
-Mack Tight

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