The George Sodini Incident - A Green Light To Bash Men?

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I wanted to bring light to a recent comment made by “Bettifree” on my George Sodini / R. Don Steele post…

Here’s her comment…

To those lonely, frustrated, clueless males
trying to “apply game” out there:

Do you want to know why you fail? Let
an actual female tell you for FREE.
Usually, it is because you only want the
prettiest, hottest, cutesy, most beautiful,
YOUNGEST females. You want ladies
half your age, with twice your looks! You
treat plainer, older, heavier women with
disdain or outright cruelty. Many of the
women you insult or ignore in your frantic
pursuit of Pretty Young THINGS, those
“cows” or “dogs” … are kinder, more
passionate, brighter, funnier, more
Interesting AND better in bed than those
heartless hotties. Like the song says: “if
you want to be happy for the rest of your
life, never make a pretty woman your wife”

Exactly right. And if you prefer to be lonely
forever, whine about how Megan Fox won’t
give you the time of day and that Playboy
centerfold hasn’t answered your love letter.
By the way, Brad Pitt had some nerve
marrying Angelina without giving me a
chance. What the f-? After all, I’m a NICE
GAL. Well, if I can’t get the handsome
prince I deserve…
or at least the best-looking guy at the
Club, that’s proof that all men are
A-holes and it’s time to start shootin’!

Before I comment, here’s some background on me…

Before the seduction community… I was incredibly misogynistic…

When I started this blog, I did a total 180 and blamed men for basically everything…

Now I find myself more fair and balanced. Men MUST adjust to the way things are, just as women MUST adjust. Men are NOT always to blame… just as women are NOT.

Similarly, I both agree and disagree with aspects of Bettifree’s comment above…

Parts I AGREE With

I agree that many guys are unrealistic with their expectations, especially those who are inexperienced. If you are 48, like George Sodini was, it makes more sense for you to date a girl 35-50 rather than a girl 18-25.

If you haven’t gotten laid in 20 years, narrowing your age preference is pointless. It’s like trying to pole vault over a 10 foot bar after failing to clear a 8 foot bar in all your past attempts.

By this I mean it is much more challenging for a 48 year old to date a 18 year old. I’m a firm believer that you shouldn’t be self-conscious about your age… but I also believe it is much less likely that you will have a long term healthy relationship with a girl if she is young enough to be your daughter.

I also agree that guys should not speak negatively about women they are not attracted to. Words like “fat”, “pig”, “cow” and “ug” are ignorant words to use. They make YOU look bad… not her.


Bettifree is logically trying to convince men who are NOT attracted to older, less attractive and heavier women to give such women a chance. Trust me, that’s a lost cause!

David DeAngelo is well known for saying “Attraction is not a choice”. That statement goes both ways in regards to the sexes.

It is a complete GENERALIZATION to say that men aren’t attracted to older or overweight women. I see cases that counterdict it on a daily basis. I have friends who only date “cougars” or women who are overweight. They are ATTRACTED to them!

Why waste your time trying to change the minds of the guys who are NOT attracted to you? Why fight an uphill battle that you are sure to lose?

Why not spend your time meeting those who ARE attracted to you? Trust me, they are out there…

I spend my time on this blog teaching guys how to change THEIR lives to get better results… you are the only person whose life you can truly change. STOP TRYING TO CHANGE OTHERS! The same goes for women too!

If you are older, ugly or overweight, you will probably have to look harder. I admit that the highest percentage of males are attracted to those “pretty young things”. But such is life… MOVE ON! There are a lot of guys in this same predicament.

The last paragraph of her comment is completely irrational. I don’t understand the point she is trying to make with all the celebrity references. I know a lot of PUA companies try to ELUDE that their instructors have slept with Playmates, Maxim models or celebrities for marketing purposes. That being said, everyone I’ve met just wants to attract a women that they are also attracted to.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d LOVE to FUCK Megan Fox… but I’m NOT losing sleep over the fact it hasn’t happened yet.

In my opinion, the last sentence completely negates all the valid points she makes in her comment. There’s MILLIONS of guys who are not happy with their present dating life and who are looking for help. There was ONE documented incident where a nut shot innocent women and blamed it on the fact he couldn’t get laid. Somehow she tries to tie ALL guys who are trying to get better with women to this murder.

I’ve seen women blast George Sodini’s claim that he was rejected by 30 million women. It was a negative and irrational statement on his part that was NOT productive in helping him have the proper mindset to become better with women.

Bettifree seems to be trying to use this same “George Sodini logic” to say that all guys who want to get better at attracting women are assholes who are going to go nuts and shoot people.

PUUUHLEEZE! Take that bullshit out to the pasture… don’t dump it on my blog!

Most of these guys mean well. Most of these guys just want to be happy in life. I’m trying to help them.

Most of these are not nuts. They are probably your brothers, your friends, your divorced dads…

Don’t judge them because one nut who took a dating seminar went crazy and killed people…

This was a HORRIBLE incident that I PRAY will not happen again… But don’t use it as a free pass to judge and bash men who are trying to improve themselves!

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  • Holliday
    August 17th, 2009 at 7:04 pm

    Well said! I think this poor woman could benefit from some PUA sessions! It seems that people who have had little or no success with relationships, or those who have been jaded by one or more people seem to have this projection that because their life went so awry it must be that way for the rest of the world.

    Yes, men are attracted to young, pretty, vivacious females. At the same time, women are more apt to be less dependent on a male being “attractive”. Anyone who doesn’t get this needs to hone in on one of the many PUAs that explain this. Long and short is that it stems, like most things no one can really explain logically, to sociobiology. This traits are INHERENT.

    Women like this one can bitch and moan till the cows come home, but it would change a damn thing. Just like I would love to meet an aggressive girl that doesn’t play games who I can simply just enjoy. However, it isn’t realistic!!! Girls like aggressive guys almost as much as they like to play games! Instead of pissing my life away being frustrated things can’t go my way I chose to be proactive and become the man women find irresistible!

    If Miss Bettifree can’t seem to find the relationship she feels she deserves she needs to first drop the poor me/victim mentality (cuz’ no one likes a Debby downer), then hit the gym, salon and stop at charm school on the way to the club!


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