The Guru Black Book EXPOSED! (PUA Review)

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The Guru Black Book is a PUA dating advice program put out by Brad Jackson & Bill Preston…

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The Guru Black Book gives guys the ability to answer their biggest questions and sticking points by providing them access to 28 world class Dating Gurus, each answering the exact same 25 questions…

Think of The Guru Black Book as a searchable encyclopedia…

With over 28 hours of audio, this product is revolutionary because it allows them to click on each guru’s answer to each question and hear a 2-3 minute audio clip of that question being answered…

The primary problem it solves is Information Overload while giving them an exhaustive library of dating advice…

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Below are the exact questions we asked all the Guru’s in The Guru Black Book:

Inner Game

1: How do you overcome the fear of rejection?
2: What is the quickest & easiest way to develop self confidence?
3: What do you tell a student who feels that he is physically unattractive to girls?
4: How can a ‘nice guy’ compete with the ‘bad boys’ without having to act like a jerk?
5: What do you do to get into the the mindset to go out, have fun, and meet women?

Lifestyle & Social Circle

6: How does a guy build his social life and circle of friends quickly?
7: How do you bring more hot female “friends” into your social circle?

Approaching Women

8: Do you still get approach anxiety and how do you manage it?
9: Do you have an opener or two that works in most situations?
10: How would you approach a woman during the day?
11: When approaching a group of girls in a club, how do you open the conversation?
12: What do you do if you are not well received by the girl or group at first?

Conversation & Attraction

13: What do you do to keep the conversation going once you get past the introduction?
14: How do you keep the conversation from becoming boring small talk?
15: When there’s an awkward moment how do you get the attraction back on track?
16: How do you know when it’s just NOT going anywhere and it’s time to eject?
17: How do you know when it IS working and it’s time to take it to the next level?

Sexual Tension & Seduction

18: How do you generate sexual tension without sounding creepy?
19: How do you know whether to ask her to your place or to just get her number?
20: What do you do or say to get a woman back to your place?
21: Once you are back at your place, what do you do?
22: How do you know when it’s time to ask for a girl’s phone number?
23: How do you increase the probability that a girl will not flake on you?
24: Where do you like to take a girl the first time you hang out together?
25: What do you say if a girl asks if you are dating other women or calls you a player?

So there you go… The Guru Black Book is tons of questions answered by tons of the world’s top pickup artists…

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