The History of Routine Game

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mystery puaOne could say that routine game started in the late 90s with the many routines posted and discussed on the mASF forums…

Or one could argue that Ross Jeffries‘ teachings in the early 90s of verbal and NLP patterns to illicit emotional responses was the beginning of routine game…

For that matter, one could even argue that routine game started way back in the late 70s when Eric Weber gave some very basic examples of canned conversations in his books.

But we all know that routine game became the ‘big dog’ when Neil Strauss released The Game and it featured a guy named “Mystery”.

Mystery was a magician and entertainer by trade. Magicians do a routine of tricks to win the crowd over. Mystery incorporated some of his magic tricks into his routine to win women over. For example, in The Game Neil Strauss tells how Mystery stopped Scott Baio’s watch in order to build attraction with his girlfriend.

The more he learned about women, the more he understood that certain routines and stories were more successful than others at building attraction.

In some ways it reminds me of how Sesame Street uses short skits to hold a child’s short attention span while both entertaining and educating them. If the skits were of Elmo talking about how rich he was or asking the kids how old they were or where they were from, I’m quite sure kids would not have been asking Santa for a Tickle-Me Elmo a few years back.

Elmo spoke the language of kids just as Mystery spoke the language of women.

Since Mystery, routine game has branched off into many directions.

Mystery still teaches under the company name “Venusian Arts“.

Mehow, a former student of Mystery’s, has taken Mystery’s teachings and added his own spin and additions to it.

Mystery Method (now Love Systems), the company Mystery was once with but left, is still putting out new routine material including the routines manual.

Sinn, a former instructor of Mystery Method, has went out on his own to form his own company that is heavily focused on using routines.

In the next couple days I will make posts focusing on each of these companies and their lead instructors…

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