The Hottest Sex Positions of 2011 (FREE PDF Report)

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Sex advice coach & adult film star
Shawna Lenee has put together a
free report called:
The Hottest Sex Positions Of 2011“…

Hottest Sex Positions For 2011Download it here (FREE!)

It has 2 hot girls demonstrating
11 different kinky sex positions…

These sex positions aren’t just for
show - each has a specific angle to
hit the g-spot and maximize orgasms…

Go look at it by clicking here…

Since you’re still reading this, I’ll
share a funny story with you…

Back in college, a sexually inexperienced
friend asked us at a party about
different sex positions…

He said “How ’bout the MERCENARY POSITION
is that any good?”…

I don’t know what is worst… that he mixed up
MERCENARY with MISSIONARY… or that he was
asking us if the most BORING sex position was any

Don’t be a SEX NOOB… go get Shawna’s free report

It’s casual,

Mack Tight

PS: NO, the SEX NOOB in the story wasn’t
actually ME… but sadly I WAS basically
“Mr. Missionaryzzz…” back then :(

of Shawna’s Hottest Sex Positions of 2011,
I’m gonna look like a complete ASS right now ;-)

Make me look stupid…
go download it here

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