The KEY To Handling Tests From Women

Here’s an article by Jon Sinn on handling tests from women…


Are hot women testing you?

If they are, then that’s actually a good
sign - it means they need to see if you’re
actually cool or are faking it.

Jon Sinn PUAIt means she’s at least interested but just
needs to make sure you’re not a tool.

So dealing with a congruence test is pretty simple,
they’re usually going to be something like:

* Are you a player?
* Do you say this to all the girls?
* Are you gay?
* Buy me a drink.
…Stuff like that.

Step No. 1 to handling congruence test is:
always agree — you never want to disagree.

If a girl goes: “You’re gay”, you don’t want to be
like: “No, I’m not gay, I’m straight-honestly”

You should instead just agree.

The second thing is you need to make it absurd,
take it to the biggest extreme possible.

So if a girl’s like, “you’re gay”, I’d be like:

“yeah, totally, I love the penis - breakfast, lunch and
dinner plus snacks; actually I was wondering why I
was talking to you but I was hoping there was like
a strap-on situation coming later.”

So agree, absurdify, change the subject. Or,
just ignore

Hope this helps,


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