The Master Plan by Scot McKay Review

Scot McKay has just released a new highly publicized product today called “The Master Plan“.

I’m sick of products that are given vague names, show you a carefully made picture of 50 random “virtual” CD cases and boxes that probably don’t even exist, and hide the price until after you click the “Purchase It NOW” button…

So I’m going to do my best to clarify what this product is about, what you get, and how much it costs with this overview of “The Master Plan”!

General overview of The Master Plan

Scot claims to cover “every angle” with “The Master Plan”.

In it, one of the things that Scot spends a lot of time talking about is how to be what he calls a “Big Four” man. The “Big Four” are: 1) Masculinity 2) Confidence 3) The ability to INSPIRE confidence in a woman, and 4) Character.

Scot believes… that if a man becomes the kind of woman that a great woman is actually looking for, he’ll have complete control over his dating life. What’s more, he’ll naturally draw higher quality women unto himself.

In addition to his “Big Four”, he also coves such areas as: body language, how to relate to any type of woman, how to maximize your own personality type for success with women, authenticity, ambition, and more.

What do you get with The Master Plan?

Basically if you purchase The Master Plan, you get access to a “membership area” where you can download all the audio programs in MP3 format along with their corresponding full transcripts in PDF format.

So you get a bunch of MP3s and PDFs, but what are they all about?

Let me break them down for you…

The Master Plan first contains five audio programs…

The very first program is called “The Master Plan For Your Dating Life”. In it, Scot shares different ways you can find some real order and focus in your world, even as you date as many women as you want.

From there, you’ll find a full-length program on each of his respective “Big Four” components.

In addition to these 5 audio programs, you’ll also get…

- Scot’s separate entire program called “The Engineer’s Guide To Being Cooler Than The Salesguy”

- separate special audio programs featuring the likes of “Wing Girl” Marni Kinrys along with Bryan Bayer and Decker Cunov from AMP

- additional bonuses by Stephen Nash, Carlos Xuma, Rion Williams, Dave M., and Christian Hudson.

How much does The Master Plan cost?

It’s $147, which is reasonable compared to most of the other products on the market.

Most gurus with products featuring this amount of content usually charge double that price.


I think I’ve covered all the bases above…

For more on The Master Plan, including a video interview with a woman and five other videos that you can watch (all for free), here’s the link to click: