The Mirror Approach Exercise by Mehow

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mehow-pua.jpgMehow is one of the most respected gurus in the community and his Get the Girl! Manual and Infield Exposed program have been highly successful.

In this article he shares an easy technique to practice at home to perfect your approach…


“The Mirror Approach Exercise” by Mehow

This is how you get the perfect ‘Heeeeyyyyy!’ on the opener.

First of all, stand about 15-feet away from a full length mirror, the more you can see yourself, the better.

Then, walk up to the mirror as if it was a set, using the description I provide in the GTG manual.

Be sure to start your smile about 5-feet away, and it needs to be a full smile as you are right in front of the mirror.

Then, actually verbalize the ‘Heeeeyyyy’ after you start smiling.

Be fully present, and practice this walk up until you can do it without thinking… periodically monitoring your body language, your smile and how you sound.

Finally, when you think you have it right… observe yourself walking up and how your smile and face appear at the end of the exercise.

Are you totally relaxed seeming, are you totally disarming, and does the warm happy glow of the value you are about to give to the girls ooze from every pore of your body… but particularly your face? Is your voice a chill baritone tonality… louder than they are by a bit and at the same time chiller, steadier, and more powerfully projected?

Now, here’s a little secret… most guys will never do this. It’s a little awkward and a little uncomfortable at first.

But then again… most guys still think that the ‘Hey, can I buy you a drink?’ line is really going to do the trick.

So, there you have it folks…

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